My day starts with coffee or tea, a slice of toast with jam, and fruit while catching up with the world via social media. My gotos? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and occasionally Redditt. This tends to catch it all for me. Who needs tv anymore for information or even a newspaper? Times have changed so much in this way. I’m not complaining at all. In fact, my life would have looked entirely different if not for technology.

I started out in computers in the military long ago. I had decided to join because I wanted to learn a trade and university was too expensive. So I went into the Marine Corp for computers. I still managed to become a sharpshooter while there, even placed in the top 20% in a shooting competition while I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. After returning to civilian status, I began working in Chicago on IBM Mainframes and AS400s.

After more years, newly married me moved to the Seattle area. The home of Microsoft. I made acquaintances who had retired in their mid-thirties millionaires from there. This was a good place to be, I thought. But for me, from Chicago, which was Big Blue (an IBM hub) where most pcs were really just dummy terminals connected to and getting all their data from a Mainframe somewhere else. Whereas a real pc has locally installed software that at least gives you a user-friendly interface.

If you’re curious at the difference:

Mainframe input screens

vs software on personal computers

Anyways, my point is that it took a while to find a job because everyone was looking for personal computer experience. But at this new job, in a start-up company that only had around 200 employees, it turned out to be the best job for my assimilation into full-on nerdiness! I was there for four years. Let me tell you, start-up companies have this one big advantage; as they grow opportunities are everywhere. In that time, I was able to be in technical support, helped write the user manual, and eventually traveled to train companies on how to use the products among other miscellaneous jobs like translating English only help documents into Spanish.

I’ve always been a gadget person, which is along the same nerd lines, don’t you think? Kitchen? Yep, has all the gadgets it can possibly fit. Garage, check. Crafting stuff, well – ok here this is no longer true. But that’s only because my kids are out of the ‘crafting’ stage and I’m out of the ‘scrapbooking’ stage. However go back in time, when we were in those stages, and you’ll see that that room was like a small Micheal’s! All worthwhile gadgets accounted for.

Even when cell phones first came out, I was on it. I would get the one I could do the most with. I even jailbreak’ed a couple phones to get access and apps I wanted. Now most phones are pretty much the same, at least in terms of the things you can do on them. It’s a matter of personalizing it to your tastes. For me, apps that give me access and the ability to give feedback, to friends and family along with current news and things that make me smile (yes this includes cat and dog images/videos. lol) are the main reason I use and love social media.

But that’s not even the end of it. We have a really cool car. Its tech is off-the-chains! When we were looking at new cars, SUVs specifically, we saw a variety of tech used that gave us another incentive to buy new. My favorite is the from-above camera. Which displays alongside the front camera. It shows a video-like view of the car from above so that you see the auto’s placement. Makes crappy parking jobs a thing of the past! Our car includes the haptic driving sensors that are becoming more and more common on new vehicles. There’s definitely room for improvement. Navigation systems, for instance, need to be more intuitive. Would be ideal if they tracked your routes and determined some things ahead of time. These are algorithms that I see Google Maps using and it’s to the point that we use Google Maps more often than the auto’s nav system.

Technology is part of our lives for good and bad. We could talks for days on its merits and its destructiveness. But for nerdy me, for fantasy and sci-fi loving me? I’m just grateful to live in this time to see it all and maybe even be a part of it. It speaks to the inner me.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I met my husband online too? Not on a dating app, but gaming. However, that’s a story for another day.




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