Where did it go?

Yesterday I looked for and expected to find, the chapters I’d written thus far of my book along with some short stories I had started. Then panicked a bit when they weren’t on the cloud I had backed them up in. I’m sure it was my fault, somehow in organizing the data I must have accidentally deleted the whole documents folder where they had been, which now was devoid of anything but empty space. I looked in a couple other places they might have been. Nothing at all. Crickets (digitally speaking).

Undaunted, I then spent a couple hours organizing papers that had accumulated over time and luckily found a full set of the last draft of the chapters. Other than the time it would take to re-type it all back in, which at this point was not a big deal considering what could have been, all was well with the world and ready for me to start back into the book and other writings yet to be determined.

When I finished the Prologue sometime later, I found the re-type thoroughly enjoyable. It was a good way to get back into the story, and re-write as needed. There were definitely a couple of paragraphs that needed change, and consequently got slashed and re-written. For the most part it was mostly little things were changed; a sentence re-written, focus on a thought changed, a memory brought in to add to the scene, etc. Hopefully all for the better (I say as I chuckle nervously). Additionally I made sure it was backed up in more than one place. I have learned my lesson!!

After finishing, I went to bed thinking I’d be up at a reasonable time. Hah! Fooled me! Husband is addicted to Brooklyn 99 (ok, I like it a lot too), of which we’re still on the first season. After watching one, as was the plan, we decided to watch two more. Anyways, I woke up later than intended. Cappuccino, second cappuccino and half a bagel, made phone calls for appointments later this week, then it was time to make our court time for racquetball. Got home from a very competitive set of games with husband, made dinner, ate dinner, ran (a bit late – might have been the white wine I was thoroughly enjoying) to my nail appointment, got home and had to work on travel plans for the holidays; and put up the Christmas tree without decorating – that’s for tomorrow. For now we’re waiting to see how the cats handle it.

Crazy thing about our tree. It’s fake, but it’s a good one. Very well made, sturdy, and nicely shaped, lighted and meant to last years. Oh, did I mention it’s flocked? That’s white stuff they spray on the branches to make it look snowed upon. At the time – a few years ago, the only furball I had was an old scaredy cat. Wasn’t worried about him too much, the closest he would get is to sleep on the skirt because it was fuzzy and warm. Since then he’s passed and now there are two just-over-a-year-old cats and a very energetic mini labradoodle in the house. Do you see where I’m going here? Flocking and curiosity don’t mix. At the very least, curiosity is messy requiring daily vacuuming and at the most, the tree is parallel to the ground with even more white fluff to clean up than usual. I’m tempted to get rid of it and change it to a standard evergreen type tree. But-it’s-so-pretty! I know, I’m smh at myself too.

So that brings me to now. This, or the start of today’s blog, was the first writing I’d done all day. It’s now 11:41 pm. I guess that’s just how it needs to be some days. No guilt. Just move forward. I will try to tackle another chapter before bed. Or I might not. It’s garbage night and that needs doing… guess I’ll let you know on the next entry.